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One of the most well known Commercial Roofing Contractor is the Baker Roofing has lived up to its reputation for several years. They are known to be good at their job and a signboard stating that is still present in Raleigh head quarters.

Baker Roofing is the most respected companies and they have ten locations thorough the south eastern part of the state. Baker roofing has handled very important projects in the past right from Military Bases, Historic Buildings, University Stadiums, Hospitals. According to the company, every project that they undertake is equally important to them . They offer their best services to commercial and residential properties. .

The first and foremost thing that you must note about your commercial roofing contractor is whether the contractor will be able to work according to your preferences. The contractor that you have finalized for your project should understand the fact that working during business hours is going to be difficult. Therefore the contractor should be flexible so that the project can be worked upon after the establishment has shut for the day. Working on weekends on the project is great idea. The evenings can be also utilized. When you look for a commercial roofing contractor make sure that the company is a stickler for time. Apart from that the commercial roofing contractor should be confident about the project undertaken and should have the capability to start work on the project without any further delays. Ask your friends and relatives for any references they can give while hiring a commercial roofing contractor. Find other contractors who will give you a quotation for your job and then you can compare the rates and choose a contractor according to your liking. Make sure that all the contractors are licensed holders. A best way to find out whether the contractor is a license holder is to search in the state contractor’ board.

Normally all roofers are loyal to certain brands for the project that they undertake .The rates might vary according to the brand that might be used for the project. Ask for total break up of labor costs and cost of materials .Avoid choosing contractor who offers you the lowest bid. It is quite possible that your work might suffer due to poor quality of materials or cheap labor.

Florida has many industrial roofing companies. These industrial roofing Florida companies work on Forte Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Weston right up to the adjoining areas. They undertake all your industrial roofing solutions. Florida is the home to numerous industrial units so the companies often hire these roofing contractors.

One of the most well known industrial roofing Florida Company is the South Florida roofing company. They have bunch of skilled labors and has the reputation of finishing their work on time.

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Purchasing a Used Industrial Chiller

If you’re a person interested in purchasing a used chiller for an expansion or probably a renovation, you’ve made the right decision. Industrial chillers are available in high quality models because of factors like remodeling and liquidations. Chiller models with short runtimes are increasingly available on the market. >

When it comes to buying used chillers from a surplus buyer, the price and range of quality are usually reliable. A few categories like the manufacturing date, price range and usage capacity are very common labels that a potential buyer should consider before purchasing the chiller.

Various providers offer air cooled chillers, water cooled chillers and a wide range of other semi conductor equipments. When buying second hand chillers, make sure you pick a company that can provide you with a high quality chiller. There are actually lots of advantages when you buy a used chiller. The major advantage is that it saves time and money. Previous use of the unit ensures us that the equipment is working well. There are lots of shops that offer to buy-and-sell your used chiller equipment.

Used chillers are available with different specifications. When buying one, make sure that there’s a label stating the chiller type together with a description of the item, date of manufacturing and selling. It should also consist the approximate shipping weight, original list price and power supply. A brand new, high quality used water chiller would cost around $5,000 in its list price but would be available for you in the sell price of $1,500.

Purchasing new and expensive chillers isn’t necessary. Used chillers that are well taken care of are not only light on the wallet, but they also serve its purpose.
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Industrial Products

Industrial work environments are tough and rugged. All industrial workers must wear durable and appropriate work wear that can withstand tough working conditions and also help protect workers from job hazards. Moreover, the protective wear must convey two factors – one, the worker is part of the company and is working on a job, and two, the company’s brand image. Industrial work wear includes overalls, cargoes, trousers, suits, gloves, shirts, blouses, and more. Overalls and Coveralls are worn so that the arms, torso and legs (and the head, in case of coveralls) are fully covered. Overalls with bibs are used in certain working conditions. Workers are not allowed to tie the overall around their waist, but are allowed to roll up their sleeves while working with oil though. Overalls can be made of cotton or flame-retardant or water-proof material. Workers also must wear high-visibility vests (vests with reflectors on them) over their overalls when the working conditions call for it – for example, workers working in the night to build a road. Workers must also wear wet weather gear over their overalls while working in the rains or in wet conditions. While operating in cold conditions, workers must don appropriate body warmers. Trousers can be plain or cargoes, which have many pockets that can hold miscellaneous material. Trousers can be flame-proof or water-proof. There’s a trouser available for a variety of applications – workshop cargoes, warehouse trousers, trousers to be worn while working in proximity to flammable material, and more. Industrial work wear must look like a uniform. It is important for managers and floor supervisors to distinguish the workers from other staff and therefore every company must invest in protective wear that looks consistent. Workers working in proximity of live conductors in electrical installations requires anti-static and special industrial work wear suited for the environment. Standards for such work wear are clearly established by industry associations and the state industrial governance boards. Workers working on road projects are required to wear brightly colored (yellow, orange) anoraks (with or without reflectors). The anoraks must ideally have pockets to hold pen, tape, etc. As stated above, there is a variety of work wear available for different industrial conditions – work wear for chemical factories, boilersuits, hospital wear, bomber jackets, fleece, uniforms and gear for catering facilities, hooded coveralls, and more. Industrial protective wear also includes specially crafted footwear, gloves and other items of personal protection such as ear muffs, safety glasses, helmets, helmet liners, kneepads, and other items that can protect the worker in hostile and tough industrial environments.

How To Find Your First Industrial Premises

It’s really exciting moving into your first new industrial premises as a company. It tends to come at a time when the company is expanding, turning a profit, and everything is starting to go really well. It doesn’t mean that you’ve made it – usually far from it – but it does mean that you’re getting somewhere and hopefully you will continue to go from strength to strength.

A common mistake of first industrial premises is finding something which is just too big or too flashy. Think about why you need an office in the first place. If it’s because you’re beginning to take on staff then the chances are you just need somewhere where you can set up some desks, have a phone line and the internet, and potentially meet with a client or two. It doesn’t need to be anything too showy or too grand.

Hot desking is a great option for new businesses. This is a system which means you will rent on a per desk basis rather than by floor space. By doing this you won’t be paying for room which you won’t need for a year, and you can simply grow without having to move – it works perfectly for the first year of many businesses, but as you grow and grow it might cease to be economical.

Renting industrial premises by square foot is one of the most common ways of setting yourself up in office space, although you can also buy if you’re going to be somewhere more long term.

Before you start looking, give yourself a really good chance to consider just how much space you’re going to need. How many desks do you need to set up? Will you need a boardroom or a private office? Are you happy to share a floor with other companies or do you need your own space? These factors will often depend on the nature of your business and how sensitive the information you’re handling is – you don’t want to be talking about private information in front of other businesses when there might potentially be a conflict of interest.

Once you’ve decided on a style of office, start visiting a few without any particular rush to get in somewhere. This will give you a chance to see if you’re looking for the right sort of things or if you need to make some adjusts to your own concept of industrial premises.

Joseph works for Oaktree Partnership, a commercial lettings agency in Norfolk. While he isn’t working he enjoys blogging and writing articles on tips about choosing the perfect industrial premises for your needs.

Industrial Equipment Business – Sale Distribution Opportunity

Start an industrial equipment business on the right foot where the market continues to grow, with the support of a developed national company; and most of all start a business with a respected brand.

If you are after a rewarding industrial equipment distribution business that has a GREAT RETURN FOR TIME, has NO ONGOING FEES and gives you the LIFESTYLE FLEXIBILITY you desire a Duplex industrial equipment distributorship could be the business opportunity for you.

Duplex Industrial is a division of Duplex Cleaning Machines Pty Ltd who are one of Australia’s leading commercial cleaning machinery companies. Duplex currently have exciting industrial equipment business opportunities available for the exclusive distribution of Duplex Industrial cleaning machines into many regions in Australia and New Zealand including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Wellington, Christchurch, Byron Bay, Launceston, Darwin and possibly more.

Starting your Duplex Industrial equipment distribution business franchise could not be easier. We provide you with everything you need to get your industrial equipment business started including full training, initial demonstration stock, ongoing qualified sales leads, marketing materials and marketing support.

Duplex industrial equipment distributors are especially required in Northern Sydney, Adelaide, Tasmania, Brisbane and Perth. Become part of the Duplex family and experience what this great business has to offer:

A Business management opportunity

Straight forward proven business model

Start up cost under $25k including equipment

A known brand & proven product range

Profitable margins & no ongoing fees

Whether you want to operate as a specialist distribution agent or run an existing industrial equipment supply company, our objective is to work with all distributors to move Duplex industrial products.

Duplex are looking for industrial equipment distribution business candidates who:

Want to build a solid business in their designated area

Like to work with a broad customer base

Have excellent communication & organisational skills

Are Energetic, self motivated and results focused

Want to work autonomously….

To view the Duplex Cleaning Machines industrial product range online visit or . Alternatively for a free information pack call Murray or Paul on 1800 622 770 or email .

Duplex Cleaning Machines start-up equipment distribution business opportunities for sale are similar to regular franchises without the ongoing fees. Duplex require new franchise distribution agents in Australian states including New South Wales NSW, Victoria VIC, Queensland QLD, Northern Territory NT, Western Australia WA, South Australia SA, Tasmania TAS and also in New Zealand.

Testimonial “I was previously in Real Estate and have found I can make much more money with a lot less stress, and I get to work with sincere customers.” – Richard Hilton, QLD

The Computer Marketplace Increases Its Offering For Industrial Computers & PCs

Laredo, Texas – MFGmatch, the marketplace for job shops, contract manufacturers, machine shops and other custom manufacturing companies announced it will increase offering for a wider range industrial PCs on its Industrial Computers Marketplace published as a joint venture with IndustrialSAVER, an ILG operated e-marketplace for the manufacturing community. officials said the enables users to buy & sell industrial computing systems, rackmount computers, stainless steel keyboards, rugged monitors, industrial display, embedded PCs, workstations and allied hardware, accessories and ERP software.

Nathan Lee, spokesman for said the computer-focused marketplace is integrated with ILG’s American Industrial Computers Directory which features offers from primarily US-based manufacturers of standard and customized industrial PCs, ruggedized computers, rack mount chassis, embedded systems, rugged laptops & notebooks, heavy-duty monitors, ruggedized keyboards, single board computers (SBCs), industrial & LCD panel PCs as well as industrial chassis, data acquisition & I/O, extended temperature products, LCD monitors & rack consoles, PCB and other computing equipment. According to Lee, the designed the site to help companies interact with computing specialists capable of meeting their specific needs.

-Perhaps no other industrial product is sought after more online by the manufacturing community than industrial computers and PCs, whether it be offered by OEMs or custom-made computing equipment for the office, factory floor, work site or other application,- said Lee. He concluded, realizes it can be often overwhelming and time consuming trying to find and compare different brands of industrial computer systems and equipment, and therefore, it created a marketplace to help connect and engage buyers with suitable vendors offering extensive options in the supply of SBCs (single board computers), industrial I/O, panel PC systems, rackmount computers, software, hardware and accessories for various industries such as machining, construction, aerospace, communications, medical, data acquisition and other applications.-

About, a division of Industrial Leaders Group (ILG) is a specialized custom manufacturing online marketplace for machine shops, product designers, engineers, foundries and other companies looking to buy and sell machines parts, precision components and other custom manufacturing services in local, national and international markets at

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Industrial Accidents – An Unfortunate Reality That Continues To Occur

Industrial Accidents have become a very common phenomenon in today’s automated world. Continuous operations and maintenance routines just being pushed around to bring about some more cycles of production, according to workers, are the main reasons for fatal accidents occurring at the workplace.

Working in hazardous conditions might be an employee’s choice, but risking life or getting disabled for life is the last thing on their mind. Accidents can occur at the workplace due to the negligence of the employer to adopt safety measures. Factory workers are prone to accidents as they are exposed to various kinds of threats such as faulty equipment, hot or toxic material, liquids being scattered or splashed, leakage of toxic fluids, moving parts of machinery left unguarded, Etc.

It is the duty of every employer to provide adequate safety measures at the workplace as a precautionary measure. They should also give adequate training to their workers to handle crisis situations like fire break out, Etc. By rule, employers are liable to provide their workers with a safe and secure environment while being at work, failing which the employee who has met an accident can make a claim against the employer for compensation against the damages – monetary or otherwise, that they have suffered. Provision of adequate safety measures fail to be materialized to the right extent, because of various reasons, and remain false promises in the case of many employers. It is advisable that the victims/workers be aware of their rights and legalities of issues regarding their safety at the workplace.

There are various laws and regulations that enforce on factories, which obligate them to make them a safer working place for workers. Unfortunately, accidents still occur and are not a possibility that can be totally ruled out. Making a claim against the irresponsible wrong doers can at least help minimize the losses. One such protection that many workers are not aware of is Facctory Accident Insurance. This can help you get the required coverage for any injury suffered at the workplace. Accident victims can make a claim if they have suffered an injury due to the mistake of a fellow employee or due to hazardous working conditions. One can also get free consultation from accident claims solicitators or can hire specialist attorneys to fight for their claim if they are not compensated appropriately. When you in such an unfortunate accident, make sure that you research the issue adequately in order to understand the laws that cover your losses, directly and indirectly, to get the compensation you deserve.